In the spring, the Lannan Center hosts a symposium that welcomes writers, journalists, poets and other intellectuals from across the United States and abroad to discuss social and cultural topics pertinent to present time. Over the course of the symposium, speakers give lectures and readings, and participate in panels and seminars, in an attempt to address the multifaceted theme selected and developed by the Symposium Director. Past themes include poetry of war and and remembrance, the relationship between literacy and democracy, and writing as an immigrant in the United States.

The symposia are free and open to the public, with no RSVP required, unless otherwise noted.

Salman Rushdie, Jericho Brown, and Rita Charon

Power and Language

Join us for the Lannan Center 2020 Lecture Sequence: Power and Language. Three Speakers, Three nights: March 24-26!

The Global Soul

Imagining the Cosmopolitan: March 27-28, 2017. Presented in collaboration with the Bath Spa Centre for Transnational Creativity and Education.