Lannan Fellows Program

Lannan Fellows 2016-2017

Fall 2020 Deadline:
Through Wednesday, September 9th

If you’ve ever wanted to spend a year immersed in contemporary poetry/fiction/non-fiction, and meet and talk with award-winning writers, then the Lannan Fellows Program will be of interest to you. In concert with the Folger Shakespeare Library’s O.B. Hardison Poetry Series, Lannan Center offers Georgetown graduate and undergraduate students a chance to attend readings and performances, as well as informal seminars and catered dinners, where they may socialize with acclaimed visiting writers. You do not have to be a poet or writer to apply for the fellowship, but you should have an vested interest in contemporary poetry, fiction, and non-fiction, and the way they operate in our world.

The program runs for the academic year and has three requirements:

  • Fellows attend all of the Reading and Talks Events (there are approximately 3 events per semester). Fall 2020 events will be held virtually. They also participate in a two-day spring symposium featuring major thinkers, activists and writers, and which engages with the Lannan Center’s core principles of art and social practice. This year’s theme is “This Land” and will feature acclaimed writers including Salman Rushdie and U.S. Poet Laureate Joy Harjo.
  • In the spring semester Fellows enroll in the Lannan Seminar (ENGL-450 & ENGL-650), an advanced (3-credit) course. The Lannan Poetry Seminar encourages dynamic critical thinking and creativity with a view to examining literary forms and practices; the work of individual authors; the relationship between writing and other arts; and the place of writing in contemporary culture. Fellows study and discuss the work of the year’s scheduled guests in the Lannan “Readings and Talks” series, participate in conversations with the guests, and attend their readings and performances. Fellows then produce an independent final project (creative or critical) under the guidance of the instructor. There are also opportunities for students to develop and share their own writing in several genres. Enrollment in this seminar is limited to the Lannan Fellows.
  • You must be a Georgetown student to qualify for the fellowship. However, you do not have to be an English major. The fellowship is open to all undergraduate and graduate students.

For further information, please contact Lannan Center Program Coordinator Patricia Guzman.

How to Apply by Wednesday, September 9th

To apply, please write a letter of intent in which you explain your interest in becoming a Lannan Fellow. How might this intensive contact with the study of creative writing stimulate your creative and intellectual goals? You should state clearly what experience, if any, you’ve had with creative writing or the other creative arts (criticism or fine arts courses you’ve taken; literary, visual, or performance genres that interest you).

Again, you do not need to be a poet or writer to apply to the program, but you should have had some prior acquaintance with the practice or the study of the arts (in or outside of class) in order to benefit fully from the year’s events. You should demonstrate a firm interest in contemporary arts and letters and must show evidence of a serious commitment to independent study.

The letter should be approximately 250 words. Please include your year and major. Please e-mail your application to Patricia Guzman.