Rabih Alameddine stands between a bookshelf and a plant. He wears a bright floral patterned shirt and round black and red speckled glasses.

Below you will find a list of courses taught by Lannan Center affiliated faculty, including the Lannan Center Director and Visiting Lecturers. Most of these courses count towards the Creative Writing Minor. For more information, please visit the Creative Writing Minor website or contact Professor Phil Sandick, Director of Creative Writing. In order to view the complete list of English course offerings, please visit the University Registrar’s page.

Fall 2023

Literary Prose: Around the World in 40 Stories | ENGL 2822
Rabih Alameddine (Lannan Visiting Chair)
What can stories from around the world tell us about who we are, about humanity, about the world in general? As Americans, we tend to think that how we see the world is how everybody else does. We believe the U.S., like the pre-Copernican earth, is the center of the universe and everything revolves around us. Do writers from other countries have different concerns? How are the stories they tell different from ours if they are? Basically, this course is about exploration, about the joys of discovery, and it is about reading and writing.