Kazim Ali and Fanny Howe

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Left: Kazim Ali Headshot. Right: Fanny Howe Headshot
Photo Credit (left): Jesse Sutton-Hough

February 28, 2023 at 7:00PM ET

Location: Copley Formal Lounge.

This event will be moderated by Carolyn Forché.


–Kazim Ali

we didn’t really speak
my summer wants to answer

the architecture doesn’t matter
this is not my real life

when I am here I want to know
why do I believe what I was taught

a storm is on the way
close all the windows

begin at the earliest hour
is there a self

From The Fortieth Day (BOA Editions Ltd., 2008)

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–Fanny Howe

I have never arrived
into a new life yet.

Have you?

Do you find the squeak
of boots on snow


Have you heard people
say, It wasn’t me,

when they accomplished
a great feat?

I have, often.
But rarely.


is one of the elements.
It keeps things going.

The ferry
with its ratty engine
and exactitude at chugging
into blocks and chains.

Returning as ever
to mother’s house
under a salty rain.

Slave up, slave down.

From Poetry (December 2011)

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