Philip Metres and Mark Nowak

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March 1, 2016

Seminar 5:30 PM | Lannan Center (New North 408)
Reading 8:00 PM | Copley Formal Lounge

From “Ashberries: Letters”

— Philip Metres


Outside, in a country with no word
for outside, they cluster on trees, 

red bunches. I looked up
ryabina, found mountain ash. No

mountains here, just these berries
cradled in yellow leaves.

When I rise, you fall asleep. We
barely know each other, you said

on the phone last night. Today, sun brushes
the wall like an empty canvas, voices

from outside drift into this room. I can’t
translate—my words, frostbitten

fingers. I tell no one, how your hands
ghost over my back, letters I hold.

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