Mark Nowak

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Mark Nowak’s books include Shut Up Shut Down (a New York Times “Editor’s Choice”), Coal Mountain Elementary (which Howard Zinn called “a stunning educational tool), and Social Poetics (forthcoming, March 2020), all from Coffee House Press. He is currently editing a revised and expanded edition of writings from the Attica poetry workshops of Celes Tisdale (1972-1974). A native of Buffalo, Nowak is the founding director of the Worker Writers School and a professor of English at Manhattanville College.

From Capitalization

Capitalize the first word
of every sentence, whether or not
it is a complete sentence.
Capitalize the first word of every line
of poetry. I started working
on an assembly line
at the huge Westinghouse plant
in East Pittsburgh when I was sixteen.
The work was dull and repetitive.
From 1954 to 1962,
Ronald Reagan served as host
of the television program, “GE Theater.”



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