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Rodrigo ToscanoCalifornian poet Rodrigo Toscano is author of several poetry collections, among them, Partisans, Deck of Deeds, and Collapsible Poetics Theater. The latter is also a traveling “test of poetry” for which Toscano is artistic director and writer for volunteer performances examining the intersection between poetry and theater, and it was chosen for the 2007 National Poetry Series. Toscano works for the Labor Institute in conjunction the United Steelworkers and the National Institute for Environmental Health Science. He lives in the Greenpoint Township of Brooklyn.

from Affekt Funereal / Affekt Jamboree


(as on TV)

Welcome to this
special edition

double cortege for
Galbraith, Kenneth—
Friedman, Milton—

ssstately cortege…

like your kids teeth—

…such éclaircissement
on this beautiful morning

(kids, that’s Latin, we mean to say

…directly behind the caskets—is that
—it’s the Macy’s Rat (in mid-air)…neat, real neat…

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