Nikola Madzirov

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Nikola MadzirovNikola Madzirov, poet, essayist and translator, was born in 1973 to a family of Balkan Wars refugees in Macedonia. His book Relocated Stone won numerous European awards, including Macedonia’s most prestigious poetry prize. In 2008, jazz composer Oliver Lake set his work to music and performed the piece at the Jazz Poetry Concert in Pittsburgh. Madzirov is the recipient of a fellowship from the International Writer’s Workshop at Iowa. Boa Editions will publish his first collection of poetry translated into English, Remnants of Another Age, in early 2011.


A Cell

She swallowed the key

and left the bars
between us
without answering
which of the two rooms
was a cell

“This one” we said
simultaneously when
our finger tips
were touching
in the keyhole.



Reading with Valzhyna Mort and Ilya Kaminsky | March 29, 2011