Barbara Wein

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Barbara WeinBarbara Wien is a peace educator, human rights activist, public speaker, nonviolence scholar, author, trainer and mother of two young children. From the time she was 21, she has worked to stop human rights abuses, violence and war. She has protected civilians from the death squads, and worked with hundreds of UN officials, humanitarian workers, police, military officers, and grassroots leaders to negotiate ceasefires and end armed conflicts.

Barbara has served as Director of eight nonprofit peace organizations, taught alternatives to war and violence at American University, Catholic, Columbia, Georgetown, and the University of Maryland, and delivered countless training seminars in 58 countries on peace-building, peacemaking and peacekeeping. She is the author of 19 articles, study guides, radio programs, on-line courses and books, including Peace and World Security Studies, a pioneering curriculum guide for university professors, now in its 7th edition. She has been recognized four times for her leadership and “political courage” by foundations and academic societies. She is featured in Amy Goodman’s book Exceptions to the Rulers, and in The Progressive magazine for speaking truth to power. Her media appearances include The Washington Post, NBC Nightly News, Australian Public Broadcasting, Nuclear Times magazine, The Harold Saunders Show, and radio interviews in India, Uganda, Zambia, Palestine-Israel, and Australia. Her areas of expertise are peace education, nonviolent movements, and gender equity.