Engaged Scholarship

CSJ actionStudents interested in enrolling in a community-based learning course should reach out to Georgetown’s Center for Social Justice Research, Teaching and Service here.

Community-based Learning (CBL) is an academic course-based pedagogy that involves student work with disadvantaged and underserved individuals, groups, or organizations working with and for disadvantaged and underserved individuals or groups. The “Community-based Learning” model (often referred to as “service-learning”), attempts to capture Georgetown’s central commitment to partnership with community representatives in designing mutually beneficial outcomes for CBL courses.

UNXD 130 CBL: Social Action is a 1-credit course through Georgetown University’s Center for Social Justice Research, Teaching, and Service (CSJ) that offers students the opportunity to integrate their academic studies with community engagement experience in Washington, DC. Through reflection, UNXD 130 students link a course in which they are enrolled with community-based service and social justice work. This course was previously known as the 4th Credit Option for Social Action.

For more information about how to become engaged other community-based social justice opportunities, reach out to Amanda Munroe, Social Justice Curriculum and Pedagogy Coordinator.