Ilya Kaminsky

Ilya KaminskyIlya Kaminsky is from Odessa, Ukraine. His first book, Dancing In Odessa (Tupelo Press), won the American Academy of Arts and Letters’ Metcalf Award, the Dorset Prize, and was named Best Poetry Book of the Year 2005 by ForeWord Magazine. Kaminsky himself is a recipient of the 2005 Whiting Writer’s Award and the Ruth Lilly Fellowship given by Poetry magazine. He has also received the Florence Kahn Memorial Award, the Milton Center’s Award for Excellence in Poetry and the Southeast Review’s first annual chapbook award for Musica Humana. He teaches at San Diego State University, and serves as the editor of Poetry International and co-editor of The Ecco Anthology of International Poetry.

From Deaf Republic: 3

Don’t forget this: Men who live in this time remember the price of each bottle of vodka. Sunlight on the canal outside the train-station. With the neighbor’s ladder, my brother Tony “Mosquito” and I climb the poplar in the public garden with one and a half bottles of vodka and we drink there all night. Sunlight on a young girl’s face, asleep on the church steps. Tony recites poems, forgets I cannot hear. I watch the sunlight in the rearview mirror of trolleys as they pass.

Don’t forget this. There sat in the poplar two brothers, the barber and podiatrist, in love with the same woman. They drank there and recited each poem they knew. Not a soul noticed: notasoul.



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