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Nikola Madzirov and Aleš Šteger.

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Nikola Madzirov and Aleš Šteger

Left: "Reading Addict" by Brittany Castle (a woman with flaming red hair opens a book and pages fly behind her). Center: A painting of people in a rubber boat in the middle of the sea. Right: An incarcerated figure framed by a prison cell that doubles as a bookshelf.

Lannan Literary Festival: “The Writer in the World” Featuring Viet Thanh Nguyen, Sara Nović, and Reginald Dwayne Betts.

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The Lannan Center at Georgetown University is a dynamic literary and cultural institution devoted to the public engagement of the contemporary written arts and to enriching the artistic and intellectual life of the Georgetown campus and community.

Africa Imagines Symposium


Lannan Center hosts a variety of programs throughout the academic year, including our Readings and Talks Series and Symposia. 



The Lannan Center fosters critical inquiry among students and faculty into the aesthetic, social, political, and cultural implications of the language arts. Current initiatives include the Lannan Fellows Program and courses taught by the Lannan Director, the Lannan Visiting Chair, and the Lannan Visiting Lecturer.


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