Tom Healy

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Tom HealyTom Healy’s first book, What the Right Hand Knows, was a finalist for the 2009 Los Angeles Times Book Prize and the Lambda Literary Award. His poems and art criticism have appeared in The Paris Review, Yale Review, Salmagundi, Tin House, BOMB and other journals and anthologies. Healy studied at Harvard and Columbia and teaches at the Pratt Institute and the Robert Frost Place. His Animal Spirits was published in 2013.



“You Two?”

We offer in evidence
our grocery list—

its crabbed scribbled
archeology of hunger

shorthand reckoning
of how we’ve settled

whether the week

augured skim milk
or vodka

cantaloupe or ice cream
little proclamations

smudged on the back
of an envelope

his marks and mine
a currency

the exchange of whim
and sustenance

an account not just
of comfort and ordinary

cravings but how
we’ve construed

the necessities
of rescue and surrender.



Reading with Jericho Brown | March 15, 2011