Soyica Diggs

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Soyica DiggsSoyica Diggs received her B.A. in English from Georgetown University and her Ph.D. from Rutgers University, and now teaches in the English Department of Dartmouth University. Her interests are African America drama, literature, performance, and culture, and women’s and gender studies. Her research has been supported by a Stanford Humanities Postdoctoral Fellowship, Mellon Dissertation and Summer Research Fellowships, and a Robert W. Woodruff Library Fellowship. Diggs has contributed Casebook on Contemporary African American Women Playwrights (2007), Sonic Interventions (2007), and North American Women’s Drama Collection (2004). Her current book project, From Repetition to Reproduction: African American Performance, Drama, and History, argues that African American drama presents strategies to interpret historical evidence embedded in black performance.



Let Freedom Ring | April 16, 2008
Symposium II | Creativity, Resistance, Liberation: Forms of Political Engagement in the Arts of the 1960s