Sandra Doller

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Sandra Doller

Sandra Doller is the author of three poetry collections: Oriflamme (2005), Chora (2010) and Man Years (2011). Doller has her MA from the University of Chicago, and her MFA from Iowa University. She is the founder and editor of 1913 a journal of forms and 1913 Press. Says Rae Armantrout of Doller’s most recent collection of poetry, Man Years: “If you’re looking for ‘rested totality,’ you won’t find it. Man Years keeps you up and ready for anything.”

A is For

Brother who who out of earth
has not fallen blackened out of
birth in a temper—tempting to
see an O in you—O for the
overcome—O for O—small
hand brother with that in your
mouth an A is how you say L—
an owl couldn’t hear you better
from this distance—the waves
hit your head—she said Austin—
I will have you—all ways
in awe—a tin tin cup from
far far—open the clay
pot with your—some children
they never move—born
from black safety hard to get back—
stay a while baby—who who will
sing for you—the whole world womb—
whirly vision—if vision—if you
hear say A—test the senses
with Ah—world beyond physique
patted downy owl—will not die—
of lake—not lacking in
waterfront—the A’s have it—
who who will not—give this—
boy body without sound—
does not make no sound—nor
cause none—see a sound—
the teacher of water to behave—
like wet, stippled earth—
transformy all over the narrative—
there is no song—no
mother—no sum.



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