Ruth Irupé Sanabria

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Ruth Irupe SanabriaA native of Argentina, Ruth Irupé Sanabria is the author of The Strange House Testifies, 2nd Place winner at the 2010 International Latino Book Awards. Her poems have appeared in Women Writing Resistance, Poets Against the War, and U.S. Latino Literature Today. She has read her poetry across the United States, Mexico, and Peru, and lives with her family in Perth Amboy, N.J.





Before my mother runs away
with my father’s housemate
on a Greyhound,
leaving me behind,
this time voluntarily
but to her credit, temporarily,
she will host parties
where wine will agree
to forever follow solitude
in this and that one’s vessel,
where blue bellbottoms will
hustle and for old times, twist,
and I will ignore the dancers
and stand on a chair
before a night-fevered window,
drawing slow unstable circles.



Reading with William Archila | March 20, 2012