Omékongo Dibinga

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Omékongo DibingaUrban Music Award Winner Omékongo Dibinga is a spoken word artist, rapper, actor, activist, and Founder & CEO of Free Your Mind Publishing. A first generation Congolese-American, Omékongo writes and performs poetry in English, French and Swahili. His first CD, A Young Black Man’s Anthem: Love, Afrika and Revolution Revisited, won the 2003 Cambridge Poetry Award for Best CD. His fourth and most recent CD is a rap & spoken word hybrid entitled, Reality Show. He has lectured at universities and poetry venues nationwide and has performed in South Africa, England, Congo-Kinshasa, Tanzania, France, Cuba, and Canada. A dedicated educator for over 20 years, Omékongo focuses his talents on bridge building between young Africans throughout the Diaspora and helping to improve cultural understanding among all races.

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