Nikki Lewis

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Nikki LewisNikki Lewis is a proud Washingtonian, a graduate of the University of Maryland, a 2011 National Petra Unsung Hero Award Winner, and Advisor for the Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity (BOLD) Black Love Movement. She is the Executive Director of DC Jobs with Justice, and former Lead Organizer and Coordinator of the Restaurant Opportunities Center of Washington, DC. A lifelong restaurant worker with first hand knowledge of what it’s like to live precariously on low wages and no benefits, Ms. Lewis continues to dedicate her life to building power for real people. Most recently, she has lead in the 2013 fights that won paid sick days and an increased minimum wage for all DC workers, and is on the path to winning wage theft prevention legislation and government funding to enforce the the trifecta of new worker protections.


Living in a Precarious World: Art, Labor, and the New Economic Precarity | March 31, 2014
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