Julie Patton

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Julie Patton

Julie Ezelle Patton is a New York City based poet and visual artist. She is also the founder of an eco-arts housing and land conservation project based near Detroit. Patton is the author of Using Blue To Get Black, Notes for Some (Nominally) Awake, and A Garden Per Verse (or What Else do You Expect from Dirt?). Julie’s work has appeared in ((eco (lang)(uage(reader)), Critiphoria, and nocturnes. Her performance work emphasizes improvisation, collaboration, and other worldy chora-graphs. Julie is a recipient of an Acadia Arts Foundation Grant (2008, 2010), and a New York Foundation for the Arts Poetry Fellowship (2007). Julie has taught at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science & Art, Naropa, Teachers & Writers Collaborative and Schule fur Dichtung (Vienna, Austria).



Reading with Steve McCaffery | October 16, 2001