Johanna Drucker

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 Johanna DruckerBook artist, visual poet and critic, Johanna Drucker, is currently the Martin and Bernard Breslauer Professor of Education and Information Studies at the University of California – Berkley. Her most recent work includes Graphic Design History: A Critical Guide, with Emily McVarish (2008) and numerous articles on information visualization.



Delete Culture

Bit screens self-destruct in an orgy of surplus value, making their way upstream to breed in the dark crevice of a used environment. Hard metal slides against cold flesh in a primordial ritual of renewal. Blood on the back of the mousepad, sputum racing up the spine of the program code. In a few moments it was over, and the limp digitalia swung in the virtual breeze, hopelessly hoping for a breath of damp air to renew their viral mechanisms. The will of industry a total vision of expansion and containment, the flow-chart model of use and development, as poignant as a primitive schematic for approximating the location of the organs in the body cavity. No one goes there anymore.


The Poetic Book: Medieval, Modern, Postmodern | November 16, 2006