Jennifer Natalya Fink

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Jennifer Natalya Fink

Jennifer Natalya Fink received the 2017 Doctorow Innovative Fiction Prize from FC2 for her novel, Bhopal Dance (2018). She is also the author of five other critically celebrated books, including the Dana Award-winning and Pulitzer Prize-nominated The Mikvah Queen (2010). Fink is the founder of The Gorilla Press, a non-profit organization that promotes youth literacy through bookmaking, and is currently an associate professor at Georgetown University.

From Thirteen Fugues

  1. The dirtied bluish linens. The inherited garnet jewelry. The books and notes I can’t possibly have written. The red cough syrup without a label. There is too much red here. I can’t remember myself, can’t imagine choosing these objects, their small histories, my preferences.
  2. A musical composition in which one or more themes are introduced and then repeated in a complex pattern.
  3. This is my bathroom, I tell the towel rack. This is not amnesia. I am only experiencing minor delays, like a single-engine jet grounded due to inclement weather. Driving in aimless circles, a low-hanging fog obstructing transmission between synapses, I open and shut these cupboards, my cupboards…



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