Happy Johnson

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Image Credit: Historic New Orleans Collection.

Following Hurricane Katrina, Happy Johnson served with the K44 Disaster Relief Unit of the American Red Cross Chapter of Southeast Louisiana, driving Emergency Response Vehicle #1081.

At the conclusion of his service as a Hurricane Katrina First Responder, Johnson founded Blanket New Orleans, NFP while a junior in college.

From 2005 to 2009, Blanket New Orleans provided humanitarian relief to storm survivors and served as a leading national advocate for the city’s recovery. Johnson is a 2007 Spronck Medal Graduate of Georgetown University with an A.B. in International Relations and American History, Kellogg Foundation Leadership Fellow and 2010 FEMA Achievement Finalist.

An award winning author and recipient of several literary reviews, and director of TeamHappy.org.


Literacy, Literature and Democracy | April 7, 2010
Writing Beyond Catastrophe: Literatures and Cultures of National Revival in Post-Katrina America