Bryonn Bain

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Bryonn Bain

Bryonn Bain is a prison activist, spoken word poet, hip hop artist, actor, author and educator. He has lectured and performed at over 100 colleges and correctional facilities in the U.S., Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. After launching the “Lyrics on Lockdown” national prison tour/campaign, Bain created a university course by the same name to link students at Rikers Island prison to NYU, The New School, Columbia. He has performed the hip hop theater/spoken word production “Lyrics from Lockdown” (executive produced by Gina and Harry Belafonte) for sold-out theaters on three continents. A Nuyorican Grand Slam Poetry Champion, Bryonn ranked #1 in the nation and placed second in the world during the 2000 International Poetry Slam. Bain currently teaches as a Visiting Lecturer for Harvard University’s Dramatic Arts Division.

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