Amanda Morris

Amanda Morris headshot

Amanda Morris is a disability reporter for The Washington Post who has trailblazed on this beat. Before joining The Post in 2022, she was the inaugural disability reporting fellow for the New York Times and previously covered science, politics and national news for outlets like the Arizona Republic, the Associated Press, and NPR. She uses her experiences as a hard of hearing woman with two deaf parents to inform her coverage.

Morris’ curiosity about the world has led her to investigate small invasive insects, tiny organisms in the desert soil, stem cell breakthroughs, people getting unauthorized COVID-19 shots, and much more. Dubbed by readers as a ‘science fan girl,’ she loves reporting on all things science, environment, and healthcare. As a hard-of-hearing woman who uses American Sign Language with her two deaf parents, Morris is also incredibly passionate about reporting on the disability community and improving disability coverage in the news industry.

She is happy to tell stories in all formats, whether it be through writing, audio, video, photos, data visualizations, social media posts, augmented reality, or even watercolor art. Morris is best at combining multiple formats and working collaboratively to reach the widest audience possible.



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