Past Guests (N-S)

  • Adrienne Rich

    American poet and essayist Adrienne Rich was born in Baltimore and published over 30 books before her death in 2012.

  • Aldon Nielsen

    Aldon Nielsen is a poet and critic born in Grand Island, Nebraska. Educated in Washington, D.C.

  • Ana Patricia Rodriguez

    Ana Patricia Rodriguez is associate professor of U.S. Latina/o and Central American literatures at the University of Maryland, College Park.

  • Bernard O’Donoghue

    Bernard O’Donoghue was educated at Oxford University, where he is a Fellow of Wadham College.

  • Bruce Smith

    Winner of the Poetry Society of America’s William Carlos Williams Award for Devotions, Bruce Smith teaches at Syracuse University.

  • Carl Phillips

    Carl Phillips was born in 1959 in Everett, Washington.

  • Charles Simic

    Charles Simic was born in Belgrade, Serbia (at the time part of Yugoslavia) in 1938.

  • Claudia Rankine

    Claudia Rankine is author of Citizen: An American Lyric, the first book ever to be named finalist in both the poetry and criticism categories.

  • Cóilín Owens

    Cóilín Owens is Professor Emeritus of English at George Mason University, and has published extensively on Irish drama and Maria Edgeworth.

  • Cole Swensen

    Cole Swensen was born in 1955 in Kentfield, California.